Spa Users and Social Media

SPA SOCIAL MEDIA Salon Associate, Leonor Stanton‘s has written an article that has recently been published in the renowned Worldwide Spa Industry online magazine Spa Business. Leonor examines the findings from the International Spa Association that focuses on how Spa Users are active on Social Media and are much more likely to be contributors to all social media […]

Female Friendly Hotel Chicago opening – First for Virgin

  FIRST FOR VIRGIN A Female Friendly hotel is not a new concept, however, with Virgin’s first Female Friendly Hotel having opened its doors at North Wabash Avenue in Chicago on 15th January, Richard Branson thinks he has found an edge: WOMEN. Virgin is courting female business travellers, Branson says.  His hotels will emphasize safety […]

Amazon Travel U.S. Hotel Platform

Amazon is reportedly the latest e-commerce giant planning to break into the online travel business through Amazon Travel.                     SELECTED HOTELS TO START Amazon reports that the initial roll-out of Amazon Travel would feature a curated selection of hotels within a few hours’ drive from New York, […]