Restaurant technology

How Levi Root’s Caribbean Smokehouse is using tech to enhance the customer UX

Restaurant Technology At Salon Consulting we like to highlight innovative retail ideas. Here we look at how restaurant technology can be harnessed to provide a grea customer experience. The brand Levi Root’s Caribbean Smokehouse The innovation Restaurant technology helps deliver food from order to table within 6-8 minutes. Staff use insights from the tech to […]

Killer Stats – Restaurants versus Supermarkets

Restaurants versus supermarkets – WHO IS WInning THE BATTLE?   Two killer stats caught our eye recently, helping us understand the dynamics of the Meal Market and its future directions……. Stat #1: May 2015, monthly sales at USA restaurants exceed grocery store sales for the first time. And, the divergence is accelerating. Stat #2: Small […]

Sky high opportunities for home-delivery meals

  home-delivery meals Two stories caught our attention this week. First, B & Q is shutting a quarter of its stores due to Gen Y and Millennials’ preference for GSI (getting-someone-in) rather than DIY, and the rise of specialist web suppliers.  This prompted us future-gazers at Salon to think which other traditional artisan skills we’re […]