Short-term rental opportunity for hotel operators

Short-term rental apartments – an opportunity for hotel operators In most European cities hotel operators have been complaining about the competition from short-term rental apartments; it is a fact that the easy (or non-existent) legal framework allows to invest and operate apartments at a much lower cost than a hotel room, generating an unfair competition. […]


The Riviera Gets a New Look

Following the terrorist attack in Nice this summer, and as part of the drive to build back the local tourism industry, the Regional Tourism DMO has unveiled a new marque or umbrella brand for the region. The authorities have decided to major on “Cote d’Azur” as the geographic indicator and added “France” as the tag […]

Restaurant technology

How Levi Root’s Caribbean Smokehouse is using tech to enhance the customer UX

Restaurant Technology At Salon Consulting we like to highlight innovative retail ideas. Here we look at how restaurant technology can be harnessed to provide a grea customer experience. The brand Levi Root’s Caribbean Smokehouse The innovation Restaurant technology helps deliver food from order to table within 6-8 minutes. Staff use insights from the tech to […]

Halal tourism

A snapshot into the fast-growing world of Halal tourism

Halal tourism Halal tourism… a huge market opportunity…. With a population of almost 1.8 billion and growing, Muslim consumers currently make up around a quarter of the global population.  No surprise that more businesses are focusing on halal products, tapping into this emerging market. According to Thomson Reuters, global Muslim spending on travel (outbound) has […]

Spa Users and Social Media

SPA SOCIAL MEDIA Salon Associate, Leonor Stanton‘s has written an article that has recently been published in the renowned Worldwide Spa Industry online magazine Spa Business. Leonor examines the findings from the International Spa Association that focuses on how Spa Users are active on Social Media and are much more likely to be contributors to all social media […]

Female Friendly Hotel Chicago opening – First for Virgin

  FIRST FOR VIRGIN A Female Friendly hotel is not a new concept, however, with Virgin’s first Female Friendly Hotel having opened its doors at North Wabash Avenue in Chicago on 15th January, Richard Branson thinks he has found an edge: WOMEN. Virgin is courting female business travellers, Branson says.  His hotels will emphasize safety […]

Sky high opportunities for home-delivery meals

  home-delivery meals Two stories caught our attention this week. First, B & Q is shutting a quarter of its stores due to Gen Y and Millennials’ preference for GSI (getting-someone-in) rather than DIY, and the rise of specialist web suppliers.  This prompted us future-gazers at Salon to think which other traditional artisan skills we’re […]