Salon Partner helps to shape tourism policy

strategic TOURISM POLICY discussions with bis On behalf of the Tourism Consultants Network, Chris Evans and Salon Partner, Oliver Bennett  met with Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills , on 31 October. This was to raise a number of issues concerning procurement in the public sector. The subject has been […]

Sky high opportunities for home-delivery meals

  home-delivery meals Two stories caught our attention this week. First, B & Q is shutting a quarter of its stores due to Gen Y and Millennials’ preference for GSI (getting-someone-in) rather than DIY, and the rise of specialist web suppliers.  This prompted us future-gazers at Salon to think which other traditional artisan skills we’re […]

Simferopol airport

Escape from Crimea

Escape from Crimea – My epic journey In March, I traveled to the Crimea. I arrived at the 1,000-room Yalta Intourist  to speak at a Black Sea International Tourism Forum without any idea of what was about to happen. “There was substantial attendance and TV crews for the opening session that afternoon, Conference speakers came […]